During an emergency (most commonly an earthquake), you’ll want to get in touch with other hams and communicate about what’s going on. Depending on your location will depend on what frequencies you’ll use. It’s a good idea to program all of the frequencies into your radio so that it’s ready for use when needed.

Emergency Frequencies to have handy are as follows:

  • 146.520 Simplex – if power is out and repeaters are down, this will be your best option for communicating. Check your repeaters first to see if any are operational.
  • See our list of linked repeater systems.

Official Emergency Communication Repeater for the Inland Empire

Keller Peak Repeater
146.385 + PL 146.2 / IRLP #3216 / KE6TZG

Net Schedule

  • Red Eye Net – 10:00 PM nightly
  • Hospital Net – 7:00 PM first Monday of every month
  • San Bernardino County Fire Emergency Communications Services – 7:30 PM first Monday of every month.
  • National Traffic System Net – 9:00 PM Mon/Wed/Fri and during emergencies.
  • SATERN – 8:00 PM Sunday nights
  • Outdoor Adventure – 7:30 PM every Thursday
  • Swap Net – 7:00 PM Wednesday nights
  • Trivia Net – 7:30 PM every Friday night

Los Angeles Section Traffic Nets

Los Angeles Net (LAN/V)2030Tu ThFMSCRN repeater system
SCN/V2100M W FFM146.385 MHz +/146.2
Southern California Net (SCN)1900M-FCW3.537 MHz 
Region Six (RN6/1)1945DailyCW3.575 MHz 
Region Six (RN6/2)2130DailyCW3.575 MHz 
Natl Traffic Syst (NTSD)24 hrs7 daysPactor  
WAN Cycle 2 1530 PTM W FSSB14.345 MHz 
WAN Cycle 4 winter2030 PTDailyCW3.552 MHz 
WAN Cycle 4 summer2030 PTDailyCW7.052 MHz 
Northern California Net (NCN/1)1900DailyCW3.533 MHz 
Northern California Net (NCN/2)2100DailyCW3.533 MHz 
 * All times local (ie, current PST or PDT) 


All Sections:

1.916.00 “up” (NTS/ARES/traffic/calling Alternate Sacramento Valley

1.982.00 LSB alternate nighttime Sacramento Valley

3.906.00 LSB Alternate Sacramento Valley

3.987.00 LSB Primary Sacramento Valley

5.332.00 USB (alternate: 5.348 USB) Sacramento Valley 7.232.00 LSB secondary Sacramento Valley

7.111.00 “up” CW:  (NTS/ARES/traffic/calling Daytime Sacramento Valley 3.711.00 “up” (NTS/ARES/traffic/calling CW:  Daytime Sacramento Valley

1.987.00 LSB Secondary Nights San Diego

3.905.00 LSB ARES Central/San Diego Section

3.913.00 LSB ARES Southern District HF Net San Diego

3.925.00 LSB ARES Eastern District HF Net San Diego

3.992.00 LSB Primary Nights San Diego

7.070.00 LSB Manana (Baja California) San Diego

7.235.00 LSB Baja California San Diego

462.5625 FRS Emergency San Diego

462.675 GMRS Emergency San Diego

27.065 CB Emergency San Diego

3.867.26 LSB Santa Barbara Section ARES HF Net

3.905.00 LSB ARES Central

3.924.00 LSB ARES Northern District HF Net

3.933.00 LSB Imperial County District ARES HF Net

3.945.00 LSB Riverside Co RACES/ARES

3.952.00 LSB Western Public Service System

3.965.00 LSB Orange County ARES Public Service

3.987.00 LSB Siskiyou / Modoc County ARES

3.987.00 LSB Southern OR -Northern CA-NV ARES Net

3.987.50 LSB San Bernardino Co RACES

7.250.00 LSB Rescue Communications

144.390 APRS